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Cooee Design

Cooee Design

Cooee Design was established in 2005 by Catrine Åberg after which it became a worldwide success very quickly. This contemporary Swedish brand is a family business and rooted to the designs of Catrines grandfather and brother. In our collection you will find the popular Ball, Pastille and Pillar vases  in different colours.

The large Ball vases are beautiful alone and also grouped together with the smaller dimentions. Lovely with or without flowers, the Ball vase highlights whatever you decide to use it for: flowers, branches or pampas grass.

The smaller dimentions are a great accessory to the bigger vases or can be a lovely detail in a smaller space like a library, shelf or a windowsill.

Photo credit @baremalin

Photo credit @amandaaxelsson


The Collar vase is statuesque, a stunning furnishing accessory in any room of the house.

The Pastille vases are lovely to smaller spaces like tables, workspaces or details in a library.

The distinctive feature of all the handmade and hand painted Cooee Design vases other than the lovely round shape is the soft, matte surface.


For all our readers we offer a 15% discount on all Cooee Design vases with code COOEE15, valid through the 28th of February to the 7th of March 2019.

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