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Nolla Cabin - verso zero emissioni

Nolla Cabin - Towards Zero Emissions

With their Journey to Zero campaign, starting in 2018, Finnish renewable energy company Neste was looking for ways to build a world with minimal emissions. They started with the Nolla cabin, a small wooden home which was born in collaboration with the designer Robin Falck. "It was a challenge for me to design and demonstrate a way of living that has a minimal carbon footprint in every aspect." says Falck. The prototype is situated in the outskirts of Helsinki, on the island of Vallisaari. In the past Falck has already faced a construction of this kind: his Nido cabin debuted to positive reviews around the world.

The cabin functions entirely on renewable energy and excludes most modern commodities. The cabin itself is a compact and entirely mobile 10m2 dwelling, that can be assembled, dissembled and transported without any heavy machinery. It demonstrates a low-impact daily life, that is based on self-sufficiency and renewable solutions – thus generating minimal to no emissions.

The most striking feature of the cabin of course is the A-shaped window which reveals the surrounding landscape. Light fills the indoors decorated with Finnish furniture and design.

Energy for the property is derived from completely renewable sources. Electricity is generated from solar panels posted on the rooftop, while the Wallas furnace can be used for either cooking or heating the space.

Suited to accomodate two persons, the Nolla (zero for Finnish) cabin was designed to be transported and mounted easily like a large-scale puzzle. Parts can be replaced and repaired over the course of time with just timber, giving it an infinite number of life cycles.

The cabin and its surroundings offers what Finland and the Finns excel in: a relaxing getaway to nature from everyday life, where visitors have the chance to wind down and distance themselves from their daily routines and obligations. If you are in the area, you could book the cabin through Airbnb.




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