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Un bel appartamento svedese

A lovely Swedish apartment

Here we are to present you this beautiful 2-storey apartment, furnished with a very sober, simple and refined style. Note the colors and natural materials, almost all of the same shade. The kitchen in particular has the must color of recent years in Scandinavian countries: that certain tone of greige, mixed between beige and gray in a very light shade. On the first floor of the apartment there is the open space kitchen with living room, a bathroom and a bedroom together obviously with the entrance. An elegant wooden staircase leads to the second floor where we find a smaller kidsroom, another livingroom (which could certainly also be another bedroom), a bathroom and a small balcony above the typically red roofs that opens to a courtyard also typically Scandinavian. The entire building is a wooden construction from 1924 with a small shared garden. The whole apartment is truly a Nordic dream of 121m2.

Here are the pictures!

Photo credits @alvhem

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