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Gingerbread House, Lighthouse medium

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Kähler Gingerbread is a modern gingerbread house from Kähler, where the combination of a charming expression and handmade design traditions meets the warmth of the tealights creating both style and cosiness on the dark December evenings. The gingerbread house is a real Christmas cake classic that comes in different versions in many countries. If you have once tried to embark on the art of cake making yourself, you will know that it is not quite that easy – but with Kähler Gingerbread you are sure of being a success and to top it all off, featuring extra Christmas spirit in your home with the light flowing out of the hand-carved windows of the lighthouse. The lighthouses come in two varieties and have a brown, matte exterior similar to gingerbread dough. They are decorated with white, shiny decorations and have white roofs like glaze. As an important detail, the gingerbread houses are white glazed inside reflecting the warm light from the tealight to illuminate the surroundings outside the house.

Size: H15,50 x W12,5 x D7,5 cm

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