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Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finlandia

Arctic TreeHouse Hotel in Finland

Oh the weather in Italy is definitely springish and the sun is shining. Lappland and the whole Finland is still under a thick mantle of snow. Sun is starting to show again after the long months of darkness, and it is the best period of the year to visit Lappland for skiing, snowboarding or to go catch a glimpse of the famous Northern Lights. So here we go and present you a new boutique hotel in Rovaniemi, which offers you lovely rooms with a view to north: Aurora Borealis can be watched comfortably from the couch or even from the bed. If the weather is against the odds of seeing this beautiful phenomenon, the scenery still makes the trip worthwhile. Total relax in a bungalow hotel fully immersed in the nature. What a great retreat away from it all. I'd go for it!


So here are the pictures. Lovely to see some fine finnish design too - we're very happy to offer these products for you too. Sarjaton by Iittala is a a range of tableware with various colours, shapes and patterns. The name Sarjaton means ‘no series’ and invites every home to compose their own unique collection of mugs, bowls and plates. The friendly ceramic ware was designed by Harri Koskinen and the delicate Letti and Metsä patterns were created by Musuta. Sarjaton’s pleasant shapes and embossed patterns make the series a delightful addition to any kitchen. Also the beautiful Essence red wine glasses are featured in the pictures. Check all the products out from here.

Sarjaton Letti mugs by Iittala both in the picture above and below




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