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Scandinavian balconies

Although it's not summer yet, it's time to update outdoor spaces of our homes. I did some research on Pinterest and found some lovely pictures about small balconies which were very inviting! I love the nordic look even outdoors, and usually they're not that spacious in Scandinavia, due to the weather. However, these pictures give you great ideas how to organize the space, and you can extend them to larger areas too! They also all have some common features: recycled materials, candles and lanterns (oh so lovely in the evenigs!), use of different textiles for comfort, cosy and private nooks... In fact creating privacy is one of the goals to reach to get a true nordic look to your balcony too. Don't forget to add some flowers or plants - we scandinavians live in the lack of green color for many months in the year so we love plants in- and  outdoors!

A great idea to combine the style with the view. It looks like a painting even when the doors are closed!


Fun and bubbly! It's great to recycle some existing furniture outdoors. Add some new textiles, flowers and plats and you've updated the whole look!

Love the cotton string lights on the wall. 


Love this classy look. The smaller the space, the better this simple and functional decor gets.


Very elegant and stylish. Black, white, grey and pink combo will do it every time!


This balcony is very harmonious. It just seems to say: relax! Lovely choice of materials, and a great rug!


Here some of our suggestions for you to create a nordic style balcony:
1) Add cushions, carpets and other textiles to make your space comfortable. Like these Broste Copenhagen cushion covers. Lovely colors and and a very resistant material which doesn't absorb liquids well.


2) Lanterns. A must have! Add some candleholders too if you please;there's nothing better than candlelight in the summer evenings!



3) Plants. I prefer the ones that doesn't need to much taking care of, and maybe just one flower pot - easy to take care of even in your absence!

4) Rugs. We have this and this handmade rugs in our collection.

5) Good company. Best feature of any balcony!

6) Have fun styling your space. It will show on the outcome.















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