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The birch tree has always been important in all the nordic countries, being one of the most common trees and in the past it has provided many materials to be used. When we expats think of our home countries, often these beautiful trees come to our minds as a symbol of home. 

We've added a few birch bark products to our collection, they're handmade and lately extremely popular home decorations. The craft of making them is slowly dying and thus the appreciation towards these beautiful objects. We wish the younger generation will have an interest to make them again, and although birch bark may not be needed in many of its original uses, it can be used to create something new and modern, like these birch cups or birch basket we have in our collection. 

Can you immagine they made shoes, roofs and rugsacks, just to mention a few, in the past from this material? Birch bark is highly resistant to water, a durable material and also a very common one, so it was a perfect aid for many day to day life solutions since the pre-historic times. If you're interested to find out more, check

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