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The Block Lamp - Finnish Design Icon

Harri Koskinen was still studying at University of Art and Design Helsinki, when he partecipated to a workshop to create a wedding gift. He says he had an idea to create something which was wrapped into glass and the design process resulted in  two hand-cast blocks which conceal a light bulb (since 2014 a LED lamp) within a matte sandblasted bulb shape, creating the illusion of a common light bulb encased in glass. The Block Lamp was launched by Design House Stockholm in 1997 becaming an immediate modern classic and a worldwide success. The Block Lamp is represented in New York MoMA's permanent collection since 2000.

 Block Lamp comes in black and white cord


Harri has received numerous international awards, including the Compasso d'Oro, known as the Nobel Prize of the design industry and the Torsten and Wanja Söderberg Award, one of the world’s largest design awards. His works include a wide range of products - furniture, tableware, glassware, lighting, candleholders, watches, textiles and much more - designed for world-renowned brands.

Harri Koskinen


The unique and minimalist light fixture Block Lamp is definitely a great example of Harri's ingenious design languare which is deeply rooted to the Finnish design tradition striving for simplicity and austerity. Block Lamp fills in all the requirements of a Finnish Design Icon and without a doubt is one of the Scandinavian Design musts.

We are proud to have this beautiful design product in our collection. It reminds me of the cold winter nights by the warmth of a fireplace indoors, which is why I think the Block Lamp has captured the essence of Finland: the winter characterizes both the people and the nature, and the play of warm light on the surface of cool glass is as familiar to a finn as the place she or he can call home. 


Traditional ice lanterns in Finland. Could they have been an unconsciusus inspiration?


Ice lantern pics via Pinterest

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