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Calendario di Natale - 18

Christmas calendar - 18

We have long traditions in Scandinavia for the Christmas Calendar. The first commercial one got out to the market in Finland in 1947, so today it's as much of a tradition to the kids as it is to the adults. There are so many types of them, starting from the one which has a picture behind every window, toys or chocolate, but it's very popular to build one from scratch too. The only limit is your immagination! However the Christmas Calendar, it's a must have during this period of the year!
In this window you'll find the AJ Message Boards A4 by Design Letters. Available in 4 differtent colours to fit any room of the house, the Message Boards are a fun and functional Scandinavian element in any decor!
Today your gift is a voucher worth 5€ to all purchases of AJ Message Board A4 by Design Letters. The discount code 18DIC is valid until the 31st of December 2017 and subject to availability.
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