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Calendario di Natale - 14

Christmas Calendar - 14

One of the most dearest childhood memories and an important Christmas tradition is finding the best possible Christmas tree. If you live in the countryside it will definitely turn into a real tresure hunt! It's great to enter into calm and quiet woods when everything is covered up with snow... So magical. The you have to figure out which white mantle holds the perfect tree underneath. The treasure hunt is done with all the family members and often it starts already in autumn, because that's the way to see which trees are good as they're not covered up with snow yet. And when the tree in brought in, it has to wait for 24 hours indoors before you can set it up - it has to melt before! The perfume of the Christmas tree brings in is just wonderful!
In this window you'll find the lovely cotton ball lights which are perfect for the cold season. Bring in coziness and warmth with these beautiful lights you can use all around the year!
Your gift in this window is a 10% discount on all the cotton ball lights on stock. Use code 14DIC, valid until the 31st of December 2017 and subject to availability.
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