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Calendario di Natale - 16

Christmas Calendar - 16

This time of the year is an important period for all Christmas parties alike. The ones with collaborators, with co-workers, with friends, with the people you have a common hobby with and so on. What counts is to organize one with any possible group of persons. They're called pikkujoulu - little Christmas - in finnish and they're hugely popular. You gather together to eat, drink and have fun, and often small gifts are given. My group of Finnish friends here in Rome get together every year, so much fun! We always give recycled gifts, and they should be something you really do not want to have at home, but don't know what else to do with. The funnier the gift, the better!
In this window you find the Ultima Thule carafe and glasses. Inspired by the melting ice in Lappland, the collection has an exclusive design reflecting the thousands of hours spent perfecting the glass-blowing technique required to produce the effect. A stunning gift to anyone!
Your gift today is a 20% discount on both items. The discount code is 16DIC, valid until the 31st of December 2017 and subject to availability.
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