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Camerette stile Nordico


So let's talk about Scandinavian kidsrooms. These pictures give you a great idea how to arrange the room if you don't (which I think is so in most of the cases) have that much space and maybe have two kids sharing one room.

Bunk beds are a great solution and now also a very trendy choise! If you have an old bunk bed the tip is to update it with a new colour and decorate the room with earthy tones like in this picture. Very Nordic. We love the ferm LIVING wallpaper!


This room is for a bigger child, and here you can see well some of the latest trends in Nordic interiors: black, white, grey, maps, natural tones of wood...  The storage solution is great and I love this simple and grafic look.


Here's a room with a lot of carperter work. Usually the tailor-made solutions last a lifetime so the money spend here is well spend I'd say. The rest is fairly simple, the walls are painted to a pale white colour and the racing car detail seems to be painted by hand - if you have any artistic capacities, this can be a great idea! And if not, it's easy to 'delete' - just paint it over. The only but is the first step: I'd rather have it allined with the bed: it'd be easier to clean and not in the middle of small feet.


Another simple and elegant room. The railing for the stairs is great: it holds it stably yet you can move it around when accessing the fabulous and spacious storage under the bed!


Another great solution for two kids. A lots of storage under the beds and a neat way to build a bunk bed: the upper bed is not that high so even quite small kids can sleep on both beds. The stripes on the wall make the room seem more spacious and give it a nice, modern look. I'm sure the kids in this room argue often about who's going to sleep where!


A tiny room with a relatively small budget. Every metersquare is used efficiently!

And yes, it's all about storage. If you have bed(s) on the other wall, this can be a good way to use the other one. You could even add a removable table for kids to play and to study using the seating area. Add some cushions to personalize the look.

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