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Cucine scandinave


So we talked about presenting some Scandinavian houses. This time, we'll show you a room at a time, so you can have a good idea how separate spaces look like and are decorated in Northern Europe. 

First, kitchen. We went to Sweden and got very insipred by the style! Then the pictures!


Love the black against the pale yellow walls. Please note the details: the colours are tought out and there are some fresh (and green - still a big must) flowers on the table. The shape and the colour of the vases complimet the whole look.

Airy furniture is definitely in. Both chairs and tables! As I've told you before, metal, especially brass and copper are good choises: here the lamps, candleholders and a pear jar by the window do the trick.

Classy white never goes out of style - whichever it is! Here too you can see green plants, and the iconic Aalto vase as a centerpiece of the table.

Everything doesn't have to be new - actually, it's great idea to mix and match fleamarket finds with design. Here it's done well: I love the sturdy old chairs with a newer table, which holds, yes, the Aalto vase and Essence red wine glasses, both by Iittala.

Have you noticed how the kitchen gadgets and favourite obects are on display, not hidden? Here too what's needed is at hand and beautifully collected on the cooktop. My eye catches the marble plate - an exellent help in the kitchen!


A tiny kitchen can work well too if you let go of the clutter and hold on to the good stuff. I like the pop of colour of the faucet! San Pellegrino bottles are too beautiful to hide away and look great on the countertop. Check out the display: Teema mugs, Essence red wine glasses and Kartio glasses - all by Iittala.


Next time: living rooms!



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