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Fiera dell'edilizia finlandese 2020 - Finnlog Hetena

Finnish Housing Fair 2020 - Finnlog Hetena

This year the Finnish Housing Fair suprised in a good way. There seem to be many really great homes, but eventually I chose the Finnlog Hetena CLT house to show you here. The extraordinary architecture and the warm colours and material choices makes this home very interesting.

The atrium is a true gem of the home (and it reminds me of the iconic Alvar Aalto too), creating shadows and light from different angles during the course of the day, and a shelter from the weather conditions or if built close to a city center, it creates intimacy from the surrounding neighbourhood. The size of it is perfect - any bigger and it would lose the feeling of a home, of your personal shelter - any smaller and it wouldn't create the same interest of light dancing around the structure. Can't wait until the tree in the center will grow - it'll just add to the charm of Finnlog Hetena.

The roof structures sloping in different directions is another feature that makes this home unique. Mikko Ristola, the architect, says Hetena is influenced by traditional Finnish house types and that the aim has been to take into consideration the properties of wood and CLT structures. He wanted to intrerpet  the Finnish wood construction tradition applied to modern architecture. Great job, I'd say.

Below all the images, they are many, but Hetena is visually pleasing to admire thus I added all the images I could get my hands into.


Size: 143,50 square meters

Pictures @finnlog_finland

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