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Iittala 140th anniversary

In 2021, Iittala celebrates their 140th anniversary as a pioneer of progressive Nordic design. Since 1881, they’ve been dedicated to creating design that is balanced, essential and progressive. Focusing on the essential at Iittala also means focusing on sustainable future: this is guarenteened by the design which is timeless, lasting and treasured from generation to generation.

The Anniversary Collection features essential pieces that capture the very essence of Iittala's 140-year design history.

A rare Aalto vase has been brought up from the archives. Originally made in 1937, the vase is one of the rarest Aalto forms. The vase is narrower than the traditional Aalto vase and resembles a boomerang in shape. This model was produced in 1937, and only a few pieces are known to have survived to this day. 

The vase is available in copper, moss green, and dark gray, as well as in clear glass. In honor of Iittala's 140th anniversary, only a numbered edition of 2021 pieces will be made in each shade, so it'll definitely be a sought after collectors item.


The collection includes also Aalto vase in amethyst special colour, a radiant new hue that transforms from blue to vibrant purple in the light. A beautiful gift that comes in an anniversary gift package.


Happy Anniversary to Iittala!




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