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Kekkila garden shed


This summer I'm going to spend two whole weeks in Finland! Can't wait - it has been years since I've stayed there for so long. Here in Italy the weather is getting quite hot, so I'm kinda dreaming about cool finnish summers, sauna by a lake and birds singing in the air... Naturally mom's making all the good stuff for me to eat, so that I can just lay in a comfortable chair with my growing tummy and relax. We'll it might be a little far fetched, as I do have an almost 3 year old, the sauna is not by a lake but in my mom's garden and my tommy will be quite large by the time I'll get to go to Finland... The cool summer seems to be the surest bet I guess! ;)

Oh well, in dreams everything comes true. While I did my day-dreaming, I came accross with these images of Kekkila garden shed. This lovely shed was designed by a finnish arhitecture studio Avanto and produced by Kekkila Group. It's ideal for small scale cultivation and storage, combining both a greenhouse and storage space, and although there are several prefabbricated models, you can always combine the modules as needed to get a more personalized solution. Made of finnish wood and toughened safety glass, I fell in love with these images of the shed used as a guest room by one of the lakes I've been dreaming of. You can bet I'd sleep there like a baby! And I reming you, there's no problem whatsoever sleeping in a trasparent glass house in Finland. The luck of someone actully seeing you in it is parctically nonexistent (as we finns are only a handfull and very respectful of privacy). Here the pictures then!





Pictures via Pinterest

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