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Lato - finnish housing design at its best

We still have to wait for the summer to come to see what's going on at the Finnish Housing Fair. But last year one of the most popular model was awesome and it's prototype has been showed off in all the biggest design magazines in the world and in oh so many blogs. Nevertheless, we wanted to present this beautiful home to you too. Lato means Barn, of which the design is inspired from, and it is lovely to see how the name, the design and the interiors come all together. Ulla Koskinen and Sameli Rantanen designed an honest, clear-cut and a timeless home for themselves, and I'm guessing all tree factors makes their design so touching, despite culture or continent. Kannustalo, a famous Finnish home construction company that actually comes from my region, built last year their ready-to-move-in version to the Housing Fair. I'm sure Lato is a classic at it's birth, which makes me personally really proud of Finnish Design, as it is this of which is renowed for. We will present you now the prototype and later the ready-to-move-in version. Well then, let's check out the pictures!




 Pictures from Deko magazine.


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