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Le tendenze scandinave per gli interni 2019

Scandinavian interior trends 2019

I was about to not write about this years trends at all, because it seems to me not much has changed since the last few years. And then it hit me: that's one of the biggest trends for 2019! Be ecological, make sustainable and long lasting choises not only in your home but also in life - that's what 2019 is all about.

We've seen green living becoming an important part of interiors since some years now, and now that this year the dreaded (oh yes, to me it's dreaded) 1990's are coming back again and after all the pampas grass we've seen behold: now you can style your home with whatever dried flowers, grain and such! This was big in my childhood home too, in the 1990's... now you just have a little bit more modern take on your dried flowers and boom! Your riding the high tide on interior trends 2019!

Colours are back. Not only Pantone chose their colour of the year to be Living Coral, and the trendiest mix the coral with yellow tones. It makes me have chills on my spine - I can see my granmoms home come back alive - but actually there are some very talented people around to make all this look really good.

Art deco is definitely not dead but spreading its wings around the furniture too. Round and rounded shapes are big. White is no longer pure white but natural or creamy. Grey has been replaced by beige tones. Glass sofatables are coming back again.

I'll leave you with some pictures to give you an idea of the trends for this year. Have you already absorbed some in your home?









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