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Estate In Scandinavia

Summertime for Scandinavians

We Scandinavians love our summer cottages. Sommarstuga, sommarhus, sommerhus and kesamokki - a dear child has many names.

Originally these cottages were all about getting away from the busy everyday life and back to the nature. This traditionally has meant that these small houses do not have running water, sometimes not even electricity. For water you have a dwell or you'd use the water from the nearby lake, which is where we build the cottages to. You can have a cottage without the lake too, and ofcourse then the dwell is a must have.

This might sound all strange but actually it's one of the most relaxing ways to spend your summer holidays. The only sounds you'll hear are all those of nature: leaves moving in the wind, water splashing to the shore, birds singing, fire cracking in sauna of the fireplace... Definitely the way to get away from it all!

The cottages used to be very simple and rustic although nowadays people tend to build more modern summer houses. To me the traditional ones are so much better: you go there to get back to the nature. Which is why I chose to show you some pics of this kesamokki of a friend of mine. Cuteness overload coming up!



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