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Marimekko 70° Anniversario

Marimekko 70th Anniversary

This year truly is a celebration of Finnish products - also Marimekko celebrates its first 7 decades in 2021. Created by the talented Armi Ratia, Marimekkos core is still today in the art of the printmaking. The bold designs and colours have lasted for generations and bring joy to people's everyday. Marimekko design library in fact contains more than 3500 prints by various designers and each year more designs are being added. In Marimekko's print factory in Helsinki, Finland roughly a million meters of fabric is printed each year. 



Not only has Marimekko focused on timeless, quality products but also on sustainability, which comes hand in hand with timeless design of course. But also 90% of the cotton used by Marimekko is Better Cotton which reduces water and chemical use and cares for the soil and the well-being of their employees.

Marimekko has been engaged in a research project led by Aalto University and the University of Helsinki with the goal of developing a birch-cellulose fiber called Lyoncell: the production process requires less energy and uses less harmful chemicals that can also be recycled in the process. 

Recycling is important at Marimekko. For example, Marimekko’s smart bags are made with 100% recycled polyester and this prevents plastic from ending up as waste and saves energy in the production process.



This Anniversary year the brand will present interesting collaborations, new forms of Marimekko favorites, and host new acquaintances. The collection also features Marimekko's most iconic patterns presented in a new way, in the form of the Marimekko Co-created collection and the Juhla Unikko Mugs, which are already available online. Others will arrive soon!

Join us with the celebration of Marimekko 70th Anniversary and get 20% OFF from the Marimekko Anniversary Collection!



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