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Cast iron pot by Timo Sarpaneva

One of the most famous Finnish designers and artists, Timo Sarpaneva, helped create the concept Finnish Design by partecipating to his first Milan Triennale in 1951 with his work Kukko, an embroidered tea cozy styled as a rooster with the bird's serrated red comb as its handle. It won the Silver Medal and opened up his international career. He was an exeptional talent, working with glass, metal, textiles and ceramics and he received numerous international awards for his work - and was the first ever Honorary Doctor chosen by the Royal College of Art, London in 1967. He worked until his death on 2006 at Iittala, aged 79. His works are represented in several museums’ collections worldwide.

Timo Sarpaneva

The world famous cast iron pot was created in 1960 and the same year it was awarded with silver medal at Milan Triennale. The casserole became very popular and they even made a stamp of it in Finland. It was ispired by Sarpaneva's grandfather, a blacksmith. Sarpaneva pot is beautiful enough to claim a permanent spot on your stovetop, and the thoughtful design of this cookware grants it superior function: it can be used both on the stove and in the oven and food can be cooked uniformly at mild heat. The enamelled surface guarantees that no flavour sticks to the pot. Sarpaneva cast iron pot has also a detachable wooden handle, thanks to which it is possible to lift either the whole pot or only the lid without burning one's fingers. Sarpaneva pot is a joy for all friends of good food and it will last for decades.

Sarpaneva cast iron pot

The cast iron pot stamp



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