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Ristrutturazione di una casa estiva scandinava

Renovation of one pretty Scandinavian summer cabin

We Scandinavians truly love our summer homes. Everyone desiders to own one and the simple life in a lake or sea shore is a dream to come true.

I came up with one lovely summer cottage which went through quite the transformation. This small budget reno is really well done and it still respects the original cabin built in the 70's. It has eletctricity but no running water - the kinda cabin I've spend my childhood in.

It's only 24m2 and hosts a family of four having the original bunk bed and an added sofa bed for the parents. No need for more space to enjoy some quality time in nature and of course sauna in it's separate building.

Take a look of the awesome transformation in the pictures below!

Pictures as a courtesy by the lovely @sinisliik

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