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Ruska - autumn colours in Finland

This time of the year tipically all the Scandinavian countries go through a period filled with colours. The nature is calming down an preparing itself to the coming winter. The temperature changes can create amazing landscapes, and especially so in Lappland. It can be a melancholic time of the year, but having lived abroad for so many years by now, I feel like it's also a bit underrated: the colours are amazing and just by looking at the pictures I can still remember how serene and calm you feel being surrounded by these beautiful landscapes during this period of the year. I wanted to share a few of these stunning images of what we call Ruska in Finnish, and then give you a few good tips how to create that same atmosphere to your home!


Amazing, right? And here our proposals for you to create the ruska atmosphere for your home!

The Tanssi collection by Iittala is a definite must - whether you choose these mugs, or other products of the same range, you'll definitely have a stunning tablesetting with these beautiful colours and patterns designed by Klaus Haapaniemi.

A touch of copper looks great especially in autumn, but is trendy throughout the year. Broste Copenhagen has these lovely Pear & Apple containers and a great lantern for some candlelight, another must! The gorgeous Kaasa tealight candleholders are a new entry for autumn 2015 by Iittala. To me they were love at first sight!

Add some textiles to create a warm and inviting interior. Triano teatowel and a Siru apron, both 100% washed linen, by Lapuan Kankurit in the picture. I personally use these products daily and wouldn't change them to anything else! Triano teatowels come in many colours.



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