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Traditional finnish rugs

I absolutely wanted to have these rugs in our collection, as they are definitely finnish old school kind of carpets. We all grew up with these rugs in our houses, and in most cases they were homemade. My grandmother made them by the hundreds in her lifetime, and all those lovely rugs are very dear and special to us now. They're easy to maintain - 100% cotton - and very durable, and adapt well to any room of the house. The color variations are as numerous as your immagination! Also, they're made of left out pieces from the fabric industry, so they're are a great example of recycling and reusing materials. Nothing goes to waste!

Lately these rugs are highly valued in finnish homes; they've become trendy and definitely go well with modern interior design as well as with any traditional one!

The best part of these carpets we propone is the fact that we were able to contact an activity centre for the disabled in my home town. They organize many kind of handicrafts for these people: restoration, handcrafts from sewing to needlework and so on, and they make these lovely carpets too! I think it's great to give this opportunity to the disabled, and it's even better to be able to retail their products - I hope this can be a small help to keep such places in action. For now we have just one carpet on our webpage, but we'll be having more in the future. These rugs are made slowly and in time, in the pace of its maker. Nothing industrial here! If you're interested in having one with specific colors and dimentions, please contact us as we can help you to get exactly the carpet for your needs. Below some pictures of these rugs in use!





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