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Vivola at the Finnish Housing Fair 2015

I've been checking out blogs, Pinterest and magazines to see what's going on at the Finnish Housing Fair 2015. I fell in love with one of the houses immediatelly, but wanted to see if anything else would have caught my eye. Actually yes, there were several other options to write about, but Vivola had stolen my heart at the first glimpse. So here it is. Made of cross laminated timber (CLT) with no plastic used during construction which makes the air inside the house very healthy to breathe. The material is also very ecological so builing with it leaves just a minimal carbon footprint. On top of that it's easy and quick to build with, lasts for long and is fire safe too!

Inside the wooden surfaces are let uncovered and treated with just wax, which leaves the wood grains visible, yet the tone of the colour leaves space for any chosen interior design - which I LOVED here! Remember to pay attention to the fact that both the roofing and flooring lists are not there. You have to be pretty precise when choosing a builder to do that extra effort it takes, but I'm sure you'd agree how beautiful the result is. Airy yet finished to the details. I'm so glad wood is back!

I love the relaxed feel of the house and I'm quite happy to see some of my favourite producers there too, Artek to mention just one. Also, my son has the exact same bed as in this home. Veneer is one of the materials of the moment, its versatile and looks very modern.

Here are the pictures. Hope you like this home as much as I did!




Pictures by Sameli Rantanen,,,,

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