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Wave di Honkatalot alla fiera dell'edilizia finlandese 2017

Wave by Honkatalot at the Finnish Housing Fair 2017

The house we were all expecting to see. Wave has sculpturous forms which let you expect a lot from indoors too.

Let's go back a little to understand the why behind such an imposing building like this. Honkatalot has always been a forerunner in building wooden houses, yet Wave was something nobody ever did with wood - they wanted to show how far this material can really go in capable hands. Together with the architect Seppo Mäntylä the ambitious plan had wings to fly with: 'I've always been fascinated by the design of boats, cars and motorbikes. I wanted to create a home with the same flow - does a house always need to be clumsy and angolar? It was Tecnically very hard to execute, but we did it.'

So let's see what Wave is all about!

Ps. do not let the small yet important detail escape from your eyes: the entrance just behind the kitchen has a bent wall, completely made of huge logs.





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