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Urbania Lighthouse City

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Original price €56,95
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A new, larger Urbania lighthouse enters Kähler's series of architectural light sources, in which the warm candlelight creates beautiful shadows from the top of the city. The new Lighthouse City is designed as a row of small buildings, perhaps mostly reminiscent of part of a city square. There is room for a tealight inside the building – or the city – and it is up to you whether you use LED lights or real candles. Measuring 20 cm wide and 8 cm deep, the lighthouse fits nicely on a windowsill or is a beautiful decorative item on a table, chest of drawers or bookcase, where it will create a delightful Christmas ambience throughout December. Designed by Mette Bache and Barbara Bendix Becker, all the Urbania lighthouses feature a special design, in which the rigid silhouette of the building paves the way for creativity in the design of each individual window.

Size: H 21 x W 20,5 x D 8 cm

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